International Students

International Students

Networxx invites students from all over the world to get trained and certified by India’s leading and biggest Cisco certification training provider. 10% of those studying with us have come from overseas. We offer a range of special support services to help international students settle into life and enjoy their time in India. We provide a complete package for education in tourism to our International students. You are assured of both quality education and a comfortable stay. A clear advantage!

With more than 25 locations in India, Networxx is the only National Brand offering Cisco Certification Training Programs also giving you a wide choice to choice your location of Study. We have trained more than 500+ CISCO Certified Inter-networking Experts.

Networxx is determined to help you with almost anything that you would need to be able to successfully attend and complete your Cisco certification training program. Our proficient and experienced human resources are available round the clock to assist and advise you.

Training Facility

Networxx has made large investments to build the state-of-the-art facility, updated regularly to keep abreast with global developing technologies. Cisco comprises 70% of the networking technologies worldwide and the network training lab at Networxx is comparable to international standards.

With more than 1000 routers and switches equivalent to those of large companies / ISPs, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the challenging real-time network environment of companies. Separate labs for each platform Cisco / Checkpoint / Juniper

Outfitted with state of the art equipment is available for students and separate classrooms have been established for theory and practical. Each lab is equipped with fully-loaded computers with varied software. A dedicated served and leased line supported by complete back-up power ensures uninterrupted operations.

Accommodation Facility

Networxx arranges for accommodation for all its international students and assists the students to get comfortably settled down. Normally, we do not mix training costs with accommodation costs unless the participants explicitly need us to or specified by us.

An Air-Conditioned accommodation (On Twin Sharing) is arranged on request between US$350-400 per month.