Kuresh Mubarakai - CCIE R&S

Wanted to thank in Team Networxx for having put in so much effort and making us capable of giving and passing the CCIE lab exam. Thank u so much for being patient and answering all our queries and for making this journey of mine possible.

Shehjad Sayyed - CCIE R&S #38948

It gives me immense pleasure sharing that I've joined the elite group of CCIE & my number is 38948. Thank you very much for everything & I just admire the trainers and their teaching skills. The way they teach the technologies is unique & it imbibes in our memory.

Surjeet Singh - CCIE Security # 39342

"I am very happy today because my hard work and rigorous training at Networxx paid off well and I was able to clear CCIE Security version 4.0 certificate exam. I personally feel that I was able to achieve this milestone because all of my basic concepts were clear. Since the very first day of my training at Networxx, emphasize was on teaching the technology and not on cramming and this became the reason behind my success at this exam".

Umair Khan - CCIE Security #28187

"You Are Simply, ‘The best’!
I was absolutely unaware of the networking field when I graduated from my higher secondary and eighteen months later, I am a CCIE-Security. All praise goes to Networxx for not only providing me with tremendous training and lab facilities, but also giving me a highly spirited yet friendly environment to study in, where I was open to clear even the smallest of my doubts. Not only did you persuade me to achieve my CCIE but also inculcated professionalism into me. I wish to come back for the next track soon. Wish you all a lot of happiness".

Prashanth Kumar Dwivedi - CCIE Security #30694

Thank you so much for your great support. always needed your blessings.

Ali Rahi - CCIE Security #29430

"Team Networxx, Just wanted to let you know I passed my exam. Thank you very much for your support and training which has been very important for my success in this exam"

Bilal Shafahat - CCIE Security #29322

“Hello Networxx, I passed, and once again I want to say thank you for your dedication and for all your support and help. You have the best instructors, I have come across for CCIE Security”

Tauseef Khan - CCIE Security #28993

"I passed my CCIE Security at first attempt!! I am very thankful for the training I got from Networxx, you have excellent instructors. Feeling proud to share my CCIE Number 28993"

Pemasiri Devanarayana - CCIE Security #28327

“I’m pleased to inform you that I have cleared my CCIE Security exam at the first attempt in Brussels on 07th March 2011. I would like to all of you for the excellent training programs”

Aakil Saifi - CCIE Security #28236

“I am so happy to get my CCIE Security and thank you very much for all the help and training. I couldn't have done it without it.”

Saddam Riyaz Bedar - CCIE Security #26581

"I am so happy to achieve my CCIE Security, and thank you very much for the valuable training by Networxx"

Sudhir Nagesh Kamath - CCIE Security # 26007

"This training at Networxx is the best technical training program I've ever attended. A “must attend” training for all CCIE Security aspirants!!"

Bassam Abbasi - CCIE Security # 25901

"I passed the CCIE lab exam yesterday, and wanted to thank Networxx for all the support and the special training"

Mohamed Shams EL-Din - CCIE Voice # 23056

"Really I am very happy for this achievement. I need to thank Networxx for the specialised classes, which has provided me a lot of instructions on time management. Really without such trainers as at Networxx it was difficult to pass CCIE VOICE LAB"

Pedro J. De Jesús - CCIE R/S # 25549

"I was part of the group that took the R&S bootcamp in Puerto Rico. I just wanted to thank you for all the tips that you gave us during that week, all the notes really helped me on my journey. I took my Lab exam and passed it on my first attempt. Thank you Networxx"

Mishaal Khan - CCIE R/S # 24661

"I recently achieved my CCIE R&S. I would like to thank Networxx for the wonderful bootcamp that you conducted in Saudi Arabia. This boot camp helped me by clarifying all the concepts (both basic and advanced)"

Muhammad Waleed

"Please accept my compliments for the valuable role you played during recent R&S boot camp in Dubai. Each day in the whole training week relates to an increasing level of effort being put in along with loads of wonderful memories to cherish in coming times. Our class had some senior level experienced executives and it was a gut feeling that they might not be able to resist the temptation to dominate. But the leadership style that Networxx Team has demonstrated was thoroughly acknowledged across the board. And you could see from their faces that how well your presentation was received by these participants"

Mohammed Sameh - CCIE Security # 23467

"Yes! Finally I passed CCIE Security Lab Exam in Dubai. And my success credit also goes to Networxx for a great Boot camp in Dubai Last year. You have helped me throughout this journey to achieve what my hunger was for and that was the CCIE Security No. Deep experience in security technology helped me but the study time shortened a lot after Boot camp. Plus the understanding needed to handle the technology helped a lot to accelerate my pace to get the number"

Selvaraj S - CCIE R/S # 23692

"I passed by CCIE lab exam. My personal thanks to Networxx Technical Team. Their understanding of CCIE exam during the training was helpful to pass the exam. Thank you again for an amazing training and for all the support"

Sharad Vashisht - CCIE Security # 23490

"I would like to thank Team Networxx for all the great help and support you provided to me and that helped me achieve the CCIE! Your workbook is incredible. It was the base on which I built my lab preparation. The most complete and detailed workbook which not only covers all topics on the blue print but also has relevance in real life scenarios we enounter on network security on daily basis. I am glad I choose Networxx for my CCIE preparation"

Naji Talj - CCIE Security # 24134

"I passed the CCIE Security lab exam last week in Brussels; I just want to thank you for the excellent support and the outstanding training. Thanks again for all the support & guidance"

Nadipalli Prabhat - CCIE Security # 23545

"I am glad to inform you that I passed my CCIE Security Lab yesterday. I want to thank you for all the help you have done whenever I wanted the most. I couldnt have done without you. Thank you once again for all your support"

Emil Fernando - CCIE Security # 14213

"Just want to let you know that I completed the security ccie lab exam on last Friday. The content of the workbook was very well written to improve the user's knowledge in theoretical , practical and troubleshooting skills"

Kamran Sardar - CCIE R/S # 23313

"At last its my time, I passed my CCIE R&S lab exam in Dubai. Thank you for your valuable advices.I really enjoyed your bootcamp"

Rameez Sardar - CCIE R/S # 23244

"I would like to say THANK YOU for giving us wonderfull guidelines and suggestion. This is because of your CCIE R&S program that i passed lab in first attempt. I also appreciate the support of my fellows who helped me in preparation"

Prakasha H C - CCIE R/S # 23239

"I am glad to inform you that I successfully passed CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam. Your boot camp was extermly helpful.

Ali Youssef - CCIE Security # 23062

"I’m delighted to tell you I passed the CCIE security lab exam yesterday. Many and many thanks for your unprecedented help & support. See you guys in next CCIE bootcamp"

Osama Abduo - CCIE Security # 21123

"I MADE IT… I PASSED MY CCIE Security EXAM YESTERDAY….Thank you a lot for your help and support, I will never forget your continuous support…"

Saifuddin Miyaji - CCIE Voice # 16923

The bootcamp that I attended was something more than the legacy technical knowledge delivery. Thanks again for such a wonderful bootcamp"

Issa Malouf - CCIE Security# 19179

Thank you for all your support and well wishes. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Networxx. I have passed my CCIE Security Lab Exam and I owe you a lot"

Harpreet Pasricha - (Cisco Systems)

"It was really amazing week, last week was full of learning and it has dwarfed all other trainings and their claims and I was witness to that .Instruction with unbelievable energy, enthusiasm and delivery style was electric/Live wire. Looking forward to have a very positive and meaningful longstanding relationship with You. I strongly recommend your training to all other aspirants within Cisco and at the same time thanks Runa Laila for organizing this.

Vikas Gupta - CCIE Security # 22264

"I am very pleased to inform that I cleared CCIE Security lab exam. The bootcamp was really a great experience and the knowledge provided in it was priceless. Your approach is very efficient, friendly and effective. You explained the technologies in such a way that even the tough topics start looking easy. I really appreciate your help in making my dream come true.Thanks a lot for everything"

Madhu Poonghat - CCIE Security # 21469

"I am very pleased to inform you that I got cleared CCIE Security lab exam few days back. Your bootcamp was really a great experience and it helped me to understand the subject deeply. I am very thankful to you for providing such a great support and help to achieve my CCIE goal."

Kavitha - CCIE R/S # 21636

"I cleared my CCIE R&S Lab on Thursday and my no. is 21636. I would like to thank Networxx and his team for all your support . The bootcamp was extremely helpful , i dont think i would have been able to complete without this. Before the bootcamp i was clueless where to start, it was very confusing. And after the bootcamp i was able to complete lab. Thanks again!"

Safi Rajput - CCIE Security # 21558

"CCIE - A dream come true that too in my first outing in the CCIE Security lab, millions of thanks and hats off to Networxx, I can never forget Technical Team's contribution in achieving this remarkable goal of my life. CCIE was a forgotten dream for me; until I attended your boot camp. The best thing about you is your body language, your energy, your dedication to work with individuals and transfer not only the knowledge but the required thirst to achieve CCIE. I could not image that just ONE-WEEK with you would turn my dream into reality. I took my attempt after a couple of months of attending the boot camp and during those 60 days in between I emailed you many times and you always replied and helped me whenever I needed. I proudly dedicate my CCIE number to you."

Kiran Vuppalapati - CCIE R/S # 20842

"I Thank Networxx and his team for their support in achieving my goal. Networxx's boot camp is like OSPF area 0 (backbone) for my success. I am cent percent sure that my preparation period shortened to 50% after the bootcamp ,which means the bootcamp has got excellent QOS stuff, which tells you on which areas you need to prioritize. Finally this CCIE has given me the credibility that i always wanted for. Networxx - The name I can never forget in my life for helping me getting my number in the first attempt"

Gustavo Correa - CCIE R/S # 21346

"I received my CCIE R&S number this Monday and I just wanted to you for your help in my achieving this goal. To help prepare I relied heavily upon bootcamp with you. I highly recommend these bootcamp to anyone who is seriously studying toward achieving their CCIE, thanks again Networxx!!!!!"

Samir S. Al-Hasawi - CCIE R/S # 21419

"Today I achieved CCIE R/S # 21419 and I am really thankful to you for the R/S boot camp which I attended in Dubai. This bootcamp helped me to clear all my doubts and help me to go for the lab exam.

Ansar Pasha - CCIE Security # 13313

"I'm really impressed with the technical knowledge of Team Networxx. The support extended by you and your team to address the queries anytime are simply outstanding. It's the best trainings I have ever attended. I attended the bootcamp and passed. This was my first attempt at Security.

Michael Brady - CCIE Security # 8646

"I attended the security bootcamp at Networxx last year. I wanted to let you know that I passed my security lab earlier this month. Thanks for all of your help. The workbook and class both were great!"

Amir Tahir - CCIE R/S # 22786

"I would like to THANK YOU for helping me achieve my biggest milestone of passing the prestigious CCIE R&S Lan Exam. Without your help and support this task could be a lot more difficult to achieve. I owe you much guys and I pray that you won’t go bankrupt ever. In addition, I also grateful to my class mates who encourage and support me to fulfill my dream"

Shekhar - CCIE Security # 17589

"Many thanks to Networxx for helping me get my CCIE Security certification. The training was excellent which helped me fill all the gaps in my CCIE Lab preparation. Moreover the timely email support that was given even after completing the training is very helpful. All this constituted to achieve my goal in my 1st attempt. Thanks again"

Prashanthi Velpula - CCIE R/S # 20948

"I am glad to inform you that I successfully passed CCIE Routing and Switching track. I thank Khawar and his team for their valuable guidance which made me pass the CCIE exam on the first attempt. Passing this exam is a long waited dream (i.e. to be in the database of certified experts) come true for me which couldn't have been done without your support. Well to talk something about Networxx's bootcamp is like configuring L2 in the CCIE Lab, i.e. L2 is the core for the lab. It is well-worth the expense...in fact his technique is priceless. In addition, it is cheaper to take the course than it is to re-take the exam!!!"

Temitope Ayodele Oke - CCIE Security # 18132

"This is to convey the good news of passing the CCIE Security lab on first attempt. The bootcamp was great, clarifying all gray areas and oosting confidence that the lab is doable. The workbook was very useful delving into the heart of the technologies giving me different scenarios to tackle for the various technologies covered by the blueprint thus aiding my ability to master these technologies. Thank you guys and keep up the good work"

Samarth C - CCIE R/S# 18535

"I cleared my CCIE RS lab in Dubai few days back. I would like to specially thank all trainers at Networxx for guiding me through out my preparation for R&S, Security and Service Provider (from CCNA to CCIE). I attended all their 3 CCIE Bootcamps. It was excellent. I started learning internetworking from july 2006 at Networxx. I started with ccna, ccnp and ccsp"

Bashar Imam - CCIE Security # 18359

"I'm bashar Imam, one of the five guys who attended the CCIE R&S bootcamp in dubai last May. I've passed my CCIE R&S from the first time and to be frank the bootcamp was of a real benefit"

Nisha Rani - CCIE R/S # 19008

"Many thanks to Networxx for helping me get my CCIE R&S certification.The support extended by your team to address the queries anytime are simply outstanding. It is the best trainings I have ever attended"

Sharad Chandra - CCIE Security # 19273

"Finally a lot of guys from the bootcamp have cracked it :-) 4 out of 7 already done it. And I m sure its a matter of time before ALL others crack it too. Just wanted to take a moment and thank Networxx and all associated. Its not only during the class but much beyond it"

Nishant Gupta - CCIE Security # 20256

"Finally, I got my number # 20256. I just wanted to say 'Thanks' for your invaluable bootcamp. For last one and half year, I was just studying irrelevant things. Your bootcamp is really awesome and is so up to date that it is not comparable to anyone's in the market"

Rahul Pathania - CCIE R/S # 20282

"I'm only able to cherish this day and behind this success, is your bootcamp... without which i believe i wouldn't have been able to make through. I thank you SO VERY MUCH for all the help for your valuable bootcamp..... Thanks once again for everything and for helping me achieve this milestone"

Serge R. N'Gbesso - CCIE Security # 20372

"Mission accomplished!!! I passed my security lab yesterday at brussels at last!!... Practice, practice and practice and you'll get confidence, you definitely need it in the lab (you know what i mean) and to build success in your career"

Imran Ashraf - CCIE Security # 20470

"I passed the CCIE security Lab exam yesterday. I have attended London bootcamp last week. The Training & bootcamp was really helpful for passing the exam"

Ahmed Elhoussiny - CCIE R/S # 21988

"Thank you Networxx for the lovely R&S bootcamp, for me it was Fun and have also enhanced my technical skills"

Bryan - CCIE Security # 17883

"I wanted to pass the good news to you that I passed the CCIE Security Lab in San Jose. My number is 17883. Thank you again for super boot camp"